This is a list of Blues record labels in and distributors Finland.


  • Blue North Records – – The Finnish Blues Society (FBS) owns the Blue North Records, which has released several recordings during the past years. Most of those releases have been sold-out collector items for ages. The latest CDs are still available through mail order.
  • Bone Voyage Recording Company – –  Founded in 2005, far away from the epicenters of pop. This is the label of 22-Pistepirkko. We do what we like. We are happy to have gathered a tiny catalogue of true characters and great music all from Finland. And we have good supporters, like grafic wizards, promoters, distributors, engineers and fans. alltogether they form the character of the label. Thanks for finding us. See for yourself.


  • Goofin’ Records – – Goofin’ Records started in 1984. Now – almost 300 releases and 25 years later – Goofin’ still keeps doing some Rock And Roll Gigs. Besides the label – Goofin’ Records has a record shop in Helsinki dedicated to 50s Rock And Roll.


  • Hokahey Records – – The company is now solely focused on producing, promoting, booking and releasing material by Micke & Lefty feat. Chef and Micke Björklöf & Blue Strip.